Friday, March 27, 2009


myspace name: {9~28~08}late june early july is when he be home..
real name: Mrs Thomas, apparently
interests/freaky FUCKING obsessions: Harrison Thomas and her dog.. POUTING in every single one of her FUCKING PHOTOS and also wearing the same fucking glasses...

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'that's how we do down south'

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she puts the hoe in hoedown

PLEASE NOTE: MOTHERFUCKING KU KLUX KLAN FLAG... she just keeps getting trashier!

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her two favourite dogs in the whole wide world.


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i like to call this one 'mingers getting'

and last but not least her oh so emotive who i'd like to meet

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dude i feel really sorry for this harrison guy, he couldn't possibly ever break up with the crazy whore.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


myspace name: Mazzzz™
real name: unknown, probably maz without the other 3 Zs


Mood: Happy (this is a strange occurrence among scene puppies)

knives are for cutting


and i was like "yeah, i'm going to put on the fluro pink fishnet singlet and take photos of myself!"

when you can live forever, what do you live for?

myspace name: when you can live forever, what do you live for?

real name: unknown, we couldn't find it on her myspace.

status: Will End This With A ;;Fuck You And Have A Nice Day;;

mood: vexed

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how about you magically become attractive...

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(D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F= Do i look like i give a fuck)
no, you don't but nobody cares.

Note: she wrote all of those signs with backwards letters just to make those photos...
what a pathetic fuck.

what this outrageous, rebellious, angsty teen likes:

Biting and being Bitten
The Colours Red and black
Horror Movies
Writing Poetry And Horror Scripts
Getting Lost
Your Mother (No, Seriously)

.... thats pretty fuckin' badass...


myspace name: .xXx.ShannyBaybee.xXx.
real name: i'm actually not too sure if she has one...
Interests: Chris brown, =], :P, :O, =_=, :D and >.<
About me:
♥FirsttUhpIntroducingThaOne[ &&]Onlii♥ - ShannyBaybee. ツ "What You Needa Do Is Be Thankful For The Life You Got, Stop Looking At What You Aint Got And Start Being Thankful For What You Do Got" - Ti         Loves;; +Christopher Maurice Brown.♥ +Nicholas Jerry Jonas.♥ +friends. +family. +phone. +ipod. +music. +singing. +dancing. +boys. +beach. +laughing. +lollies. +straightener +summer. +having fun. +msn +bebo.     ♥[[&&]]♥ ♥ItzSimple♥ FourTeen. CoorparooSecondaryColleg e. ♥[[&&]]♥ ♥Get♥ ♫♫♫♥Krunk♥♫♫♫

some great photos from the album "<...WebcamBrazz...>
"Tee-Hee. . . Bobby Pin."
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OMG?? :O

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and my personal favourite....

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I want to watch this person die a slow, painful death.


myspace name: LIL-BUBBA
real name: kelly-marie (l0l)

lyrics for inspirational song
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'fouls around?!?'

dp lolz

omgzz new hair
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

update on this CHAOS will give you hell CUNT...

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thanks to india for this one.
PS. this chick is such a fucking scene

Filthy, Disgusting, Nausiating Youths.

i hit the muthafucken jackpot

late this evening i happened upon a music myspace of a band called "The Filthy Youth"

coincidently one of the members of the band happens to be Ed Westwick, who plays chuck bass on Gossip Girl

well i guess this prior fanbase somehow led to a disgustingly devoted group of fans who chose to send their own photos in to be posted in one of the albums as "filthy youths"

this wasn't just 1 or 2 fans, this decision was made by at least 862 - nearly 44 pages- worth of wankers.

most oof the photos are hilarious in their own right - highly photoshopped scenester fuckwits clutching ciggarettes and alcohol as well as signs and t-shirts saying "i am a wasted youth"

you get the general idea.
to save you an hours' worth of mild amusement, we have condensed this down to the best of the best. at least five minutes worth of extreme amusement:

gLiTtEr GrAfIxxXxX

Flexible use of the word "youth"

teen dad?

what the fuck is on her arm?

you're cuuuute

photoshopped acne?

are those ray-ban wayfarers?

i don't even have words for this

filthy youth? or disgusting individual? you decide.

and by far the worst:


have a look at the rest of the photos here:
it's worth your time.

bad hair day

Real Name: Tom williams
Myspace name:tomface
Celebrity Look-Alike: Gollum/Smeagol
Current status/mood: tomfaceloveshislifexd, loved

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Trail of justice!
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beautiful, isn't it?

DaZmo (infinite)

Myspace name: DaZmo infinite
real name: Damion (that's not even how you spell Damien?)
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there we are. enough said

Latex Fetish

Myspace name: "Donna"
name: who actually knows
gender: "i'm a boi, dress as a grrl when out at parties etc...."
age: 46 years old
marital status: single - get in quick boys! or girls.. or both.. i'm confused

But what is Donna interesed in?

"Generaly interested in the fetish scene.. mainly Gothic and Latex fetish..."

enough said

pet... or spider fetish?

please note the hairy underarms

I actually reported the image above, that is a disgusting case of animal (insect) sexual abuse

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bogan Pride

some chav wanker...


posted this lovely bulletin the other day


there is a reason the mouse is hovering over "delete from friends"

but actually I did not delete him
because quite frankly having a lot of myspace friends is almost as good as having a lot of real friends


name: Casey-lee
myspace name: this CHAOS will give you hell CUNT...
age: 13
location: Queensland, Brisbane (City: Hungry Jacks)

"<3 xx sorry im not a vergin, sorry im a slut, but i like being called a 13 year old slut. It makes me sound expierienced you will never break me so say what you want!"