Wednesday, March 25, 2009


myspace name: .xXx.ShannyBaybee.xXx.
real name: i'm actually not too sure if she has one...
Interests: Chris brown, =], :P, :O, =_=, :D and >.<
About me:
♥FirsttUhpIntroducingThaOne[ &&]Onlii♥ - ShannyBaybee. ツ "What You Needa Do Is Be Thankful For The Life You Got, Stop Looking At What You Aint Got And Start Being Thankful For What You Do Got" - Ti         Loves;; +Christopher Maurice Brown.♥ +Nicholas Jerry Jonas.♥ +friends. +family. +phone. +ipod. +music. +singing. +dancing. +boys. +beach. +laughing. +lollies. +straightener +summer. +having fun. +msn +bebo.     ♥[[&&]]♥ ♥ItzSimple♥ FourTeen. CoorparooSecondaryColleg e. ♥[[&&]]♥ ♥Get♥ ♫♫♫♥Krunk♥♫♫♫

some great photos from the album "<...WebcamBrazz...>
"Tee-Hee. . . Bobby Pin."
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OMG?? :O

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and my personal favourite....

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I want to watch this person die a slow, painful death.


  1. i have a particularly disturbing myspace to share with you, whats the best way to contact?

  2. just send it, copy and past url, all fuck ups's myspaces are appreciated.

  3. not sure if she is on private, but shes pure douche and totally worth an add.
    Name: NIKKI FACE

    heres an immediete little sample of the beast, to hold you over until she accepts.

  4. holy shit dude. this is not bad i would love to see her about me. could you possibly do a screen shot of her mspace and host it or send? thanks

  5. LOL just saw the one with her and the hat. i neeed to see her page.

  6. This is incredibly embarrasing considering I am a year younger than her.

    Hahha otherwise I love this blog. Keep it coming...

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