Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Filthy, Disgusting, Nausiating Youths.

i hit the muthafucken jackpot

late this evening i happened upon a music myspace of a band called "The Filthy Youth"

coincidently one of the members of the band happens to be Ed Westwick, who plays chuck bass on Gossip Girl

well i guess this prior fanbase somehow led to a disgustingly devoted group of fans who chose to send their own photos in to be posted in one of the albums as "filthy youths"

this wasn't just 1 or 2 fans, this decision was made by at least 862 - nearly 44 pages- worth of wankers.

most oof the photos are hilarious in their own right - highly photoshopped scenester fuckwits clutching ciggarettes and alcohol as well as signs and t-shirts saying "i am a wasted youth"

you get the general idea.
to save you an hours' worth of mild amusement, we have condensed this down to the best of the best. at least five minutes worth of extreme amusement:

gLiTtEr GrAfIxxXxX

Flexible use of the word "youth"

teen dad?

what the fuck is on her arm?

you're cuuuute

photoshopped acne?

are those ray-ban wayfarers?

i don't even have words for this

filthy youth? or disgusting individual? you decide.

and by far the worst:


have a look at the rest of the photos here:
it's worth your time.

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  1. hahaha i actually enjoy this schadenfreude
    particularly the flexible use of the word "youth" and the poll which you definitely should have held; filthy youth? or disgusting individual? you decide