Thursday, April 2, 2009

guns 'n' leather

I am Known as The Wayfinder

Occupation: Spiritual Minister, Youth Worker, Graphic &Web Designer, Poet, Philosopher and Shaman.

and possible serial killer by the amount of leather he is wearing:

caption: "in my youthful biker days"
tell me that isn't photoshopped

caption: Do I make You Horny, Baby?

i don't know what to say to here is a picture instead

ahhh but don't be fooled, THE WAYFINDER isn't all about guns and leather and lookin' tough
like any man with a beard (and a respectable one at that) he has a sensitive side - he likes to write poetry

by the look of his facial expression i'm not surprised if that's not text he is looking at.. but fetish porn instead

all jokes aside, he does have some fucking inspiring quotes and proses

A TRUE leader does not say:
"Do as I say ... NOT as I do!"
.. A TRUE LEADER Walks Their Talk.

~ The Wayfinder ~01-05-2008

what the fuck does that even fucking mean?


  1. flash back to 2girls1cup


  2. his occupation may as well be "paedophile"
    also the bed sheets in the gun photo, which clearly belong to somes whose children's children have children, create a nice contrast