Thursday, April 2, 2009


Name(s):Lindsey/ Anchi?/ Bumblebee/ Dee/ L/ Pheonix
Myspace name: Anchi {2.3k}

fun facts:

This person:

Is Adopted

Has Depersonalization disorder

Is Asexual (apparently)

Doesn't enjoy social activity... but still writes massive about me's and has 2,300 friends on myspace...

Is Celibate

Is also fucking weird
Some FAQ's she wrote on her page

Are you single?
Nope. I'm involved with Gaara. He understands me.

You're hot. Can I see your webcam?
No. Gaara will not be happy with that.

LOL i doubt this is a frequently asked question...

Gaara- the one she is 'involved with' is this

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mmkay you have now read all about her now.
prepare for glory!

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  1. oh hai sxc i <3 yo shoez n hair..

    people like this deserve to die slowly and painfully

  2. this is ridiculous!
    celibacy basically contradicts asexuality
    an asexual would want nothing more than to have a sexual experience!
    unattractive women in impossibly impractical boots shouldnt be allowed to make excuses for not getting laid
    especially the manga drawing of "gaara" excuse