Friday, May 1, 2009

Nikki Nymphetamine™

holy fuck, it's been coming so long. sorry we have been so fucking lazy.

name:Nikki Nymphetamine™ [ lust]
GRAH! cringeworthy, what i really wanted to do was get all of this persons photos and put them on, as they all provide an equal lol.

when i was browsing through this particular deviant's myspace all i could think was where the fuck did the parents go wrong?!
and here is a quote from the illustrious nikki nymphetamine tm lust

"bitch you better put out dont make me hate you.or i'll do the michael jackson and im gonna rape you ."

Here's some fun.
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"i love this pic of me"

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hahaah haah hah ha ha... i'm not sure if this, or STFU get crunk is better...

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look how dark we are...

a bad case of forehead cellulite...

and now, last but certainly not least...

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"touch dont tease me"



  1. i couldnt figure out a way to email you
    check this chick out
    shes my sister
    shes deffinetly worthy of LOLspace i reckon

  2. I swear that's a man. "She" has no boobs.