Sunday, July 5, 2009


okay, so I know we haven't posted on here for quite literally months
perhaps we are all too content with our "awesome" lives to keep making fun of people
that and the fact that we are all now avid facebook users

but it's 3 weeks into my mid-semester break and i am fucking bored.
i am here to revive what was once a LOL fest.

meet Heidi...
don't let her name fool you though
you might have clicked on her name, hopeful for a 20 year old something busty Swede, but were then disappointed when you were given a 74 year old Brazilian pensioner

a sensibly dressed woman, Heidi has virtually anything on her myspace
like seriously... NOTHING
I was only able to gather that she is married with kids and a college graduate (stop living in the past Heidi.. death is around the corner for you, you old fuck)

but I am going to milk this old cow dry (yuck)

after looking at her ONLY one photo, i was left wondering
"is Heidi actually just a pornstar?"

i mean, just the look in her eyes suggests that she is one "mad cunt" (in more ways than one)

needless to say i then found this picture in her comments section and gathered that she was indeed a slut

and not to mention an outfit repeater and a racist
"not too keen on some black magic are we now, heidi?"
that said, it actually looks like she is about to hook up with herself lol

though, concerned she only had 20 comments I thought she might have died?
R.I.P. Heidi, you loveable slut
but then i saw her last login was YESTERDAY

probably the only funny/mildly amusing about this old gal's myspace is these pictures her friend 'marci' constantly leaves her

the only thing more disturbing than the cursive writing is the horrifying truth that that rocking horse is probably a sex toy

that is the house of a paedophile

I'd link you to her myspace.. but there is nothing more to see

I understand that this was a poor effort... but fuck you

hopefully more LOLS coming your way soon

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