Monday, July 6, 2009

As my first contribution to this page I wanted to find something just really fucking funny and I stumbled upon something that really just hit the spot.

So I present to you part time model/teen mum/McDonald's worker/Sherwood State High Student: Zoe Whitnall

Now don't be fooled, she is a complex character and she has me stumped.

Her blogs contain such golden phrases as, "they've all lost their v-plates, I am so happy that I have not", well look here Zoe the album which details your pregnancy really just rips that to fucking shreds doesn't it. Though I am actually genuinely confused about who the father of her child really is, I've come across Jason, Luke and Quintin and in Zoe's own words,
"I think Quintin is really hot, but I am with Jason, is it wrong I want to see Quintin more", and I don't even fucking know were Luke came from.

Though you ask me, why are you being so cruel to poor Zoe, the self described, "bi babe" who claims to have hooked up with 5 girls in one night (well done) who at January 20th was, "up the duff, six weeks to go, living with my mummy and dropped out or school in yr 9"

But Zoe, I believe in you and I am sure one day, with the right guidance, love and attention from Luke or Quintin or Jason or whoever the fuck you are with that you can become manager of Sherwood McDonald's!

Her and her "baby gurl" Ice

Close up of said "baby gurl"

baby "Abbygail" - I am sorry.

The H0T B0D

The Best Friend

How appropriate.


  1. you're a fucking horrible person. but fuck, that was funny.
    take off url, we don't want no trouble from people being like "i found you on this hilarious blogspot"

  2. this one's too good - It's music based, so won't be suitable for your fucking funy blog, but still lol,

    I feel really mean & horrible suggesting this one - but fuck it..... personal fav's include 'megamix' & 'sensations' - listen carefully to the lyrics - poor D-wizz must wonder why he keeps getting friend requests from freaks with shit fetishes....

    It does have a link to his personal webpage & I mean personal - I feel like I've known him all my life...