Monday, July 6, 2009


i knew that i was in for a treat when i saw that this particular freak had a youtube account, some would call him a 'small time youtube personality'

he's single and bi, but guys "add me it doesn fukin mean im gonna come onta you juzt cause im bi!"

yeah, that mystery object caressing your face when you were sleeping at his house was probably just something that happened in your dream that you thought was real, he assures you.

Taken from the album 'Sick Pix'

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You all know you want it.FUK ME

nipple piercing+ anorexia+ self take+ stupid hair= emo cred + 1 Million

things he Loves:

Guys 70% Girls 30%
Wearing High Heels the dream? I think so.

To become a lawyer
To make atleast 1 motion picture
To star in a porn film
To find True Love
To fly to LA (November YAY)
To have sex with a chick
To have a son and get married
Die rich and happy

i'm actually so confused at to the life he wants to lead...

there really isn't much else to day about this dirty emo kid, so let the pictures and videos do the talking...

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s0o0o0o hawt!1

cpcob666 (4 weeks ago)
i can see why ur parents left u!!!!!! i reallly do feel sorry for you and your step parents , obviously the wrong baby was chosen

that guy pretty much sums it up.

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